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We've been providing the Erie, PA area with top quality home and kitchen remodeling services since 1995!

Fletcher Construction has established an outstanding reputation for expert craftsmanship and honest service since we began doing business as Home Builders in Erie County PA back in 1995. We offer personalized service, meaning that we listen to your needs and concerns and make sure our work is done right the first time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and, to ensure quality, we offer warranties on all of our work.


These days, the DIY Network would have you think that anyone can walk off the street and construct a master kitchen or a tile a flawless shower. Honest homeowners are seeking qualified and experienced Home Builders in Erie County PA, but what they get are handymen who have seen one too many Youtube videos. A weekend of binge watching “how to” videos can never compare to a lifetime of perfection and honing one’s craft.


Fletcher Construction brings over 22 years of experience, mastery, and customer satisfaction to every new job. Over the course of our long and storied career as accomplished Home Builders in Erie County PA, we have encountered and embraced every type of job, and every type of customer!


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A Professional New Home Builder

Sometimes remodeling isn't the best choice for every home. If you're considering building a brand new house, Fletcher Construction can lend a hand. As a new home builder for the Erie, PA region, our goal is to create the perfect home exactly to your specifications. We'll work with you from start to finish in order to best understand your design goals & ideas. 

With Fletcher Construction, you can count on:

  • The business owner being on the site of every job from start to finish
  • More than 20 years of experience in home building and construction
  • Professional home building
  • Fair and honest estimates

We have been providing the Erie, PA area with top quality home and kitchen remodeling services since 1995.